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Tiffany and Steven elope to Wanaka

Good old Mother Nature – the one thing we can’t control! Tiffany & Steven came out from Australia to be married at Lake Wanaka. Steven did say that they would love to see some snow but none of us expected it to be nearly snowing at ground level on their wedding day. Unfortunately, it did mean that they were unable to fly but there were squeals of delight when the clouds lifted enough to show the snow on the mountains. They were joined by close family for their ceremony at the lake where we got brief sunshine before the weather rolled back in. Apparently, S&TMS017 S&TMS016 S&TMS015 S&TMS014 S&TMS013 S&TMS012 S&TMS011 S&TMS010 S&TMS009 S&TMS008 S&TMS007 S&TMS006 S&TMS005 S&TMS004 S&TMS003 S&TMS002 S&TMS001 S&TMS151 S&TMS150 S&TMS149 S&TMS148 S&TMS147 S&TMS146 S&TMS145 S&TMS144 S&TMS143 S&TMS142 S&TMS141 S&TMS140 S&TMS139 S&TMS138 S&TMS137 S&TMS136 S&TMS135 S&TMS134 S&TMS133 S&TMS132 S&TMS131 S&TMS130 S&TMS129 S&TMS128 S&TMS127 S&TMS126 S&TMS125 S&TMS124 S&TMS123 S&TMS122 S&TMS121 S&TMS120 S&TMS119 S&TMS118 S&TMS117 S&TMS116 S&TMS115 S&TMS114 S&TMS113 S&TMS112 S&TMS111 S&TMS110 S&TMS109 S&TMS108 S&TMS107 S&TMS106 S&TMS105 S&TMS104 S&TMS103 S&TMS102 S&TMS101 S&TMS100 S&TMS099 S&TMS098 S&TMS097 S&TMS096 S&TMS095 S&TMS094 S&TMS093 S&TMS092 S&TMS091 S&TMS090 S&TMS089 S&TMS088 S&TMS087 S&TMS086 S&TMS085 S&TMS084 S&TMS083 S&TMS082 S&TMS081 S&TMS080 S&TMS079 S&TMS078 S&TMS077 S&TMS076 S&TMS075 S&TMS074 S&TMS073 S&TMS072 S&TMS071 S&TMS070 S&TMS069 S&TMS068 S&TMS067 S&TMS066 S&TMS065 S&TMS064 S&TMS063 S&TMS062 S&TMS061 S&TMS060 S&TMS059 S&TMS058 S&TMS057 S&TMS056 S&TMS055 S&TMS054 S&TMS053 S&TMS052 S&TMS051 S&TMS050 S&TMS049 S&TMS048 S&TMS047 S&TMS046 S&TMS045 S&TMS044 S&TMS043 S&TMS042 S&TMS041 S&TMS040 S&TMS039 S&TMS038 S&TMS037 S&TMS036 S&TMS035 S&TMS034 S&TMS033 S&TMS032 S&TMS031 S&TMS030 S&TMS029 S&TMS028 S&TMS027 S&TMS026 S&TMS025 S&TMS024 S&TMS023 S&TMS022 S&TMS021 S&TMS020 S&TMS019 S&TMS018they had great fun playing in the snow on their drive back to the airport the next day. Congratulations Tiffany & Steven, wishing you all the best for your future together.

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