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Wanaka Elopement Wedding

Alek and Anna travelled from Russia to have their wedding ceremony in Wanaka. They decided they wanted to get married by the lake before they flew to Coromandel Peak for their photos. What a gorgeous couple, we had so much fun with them. Alek really took a shine to our New Zealand beer and showed us how well he plays the guitar when he serenaded his new bride. Thank you guys, we loved every minute of your day and hopefully one day we will meet again.


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  1. Wow! Amazing view. Planning a wedding in Wanaka beneath of the snowcapped mountains is the best place for elopement wedding. Uff, I wish if I could remarry my wife there! Congratulations to “Alek and Anna”, wishing you a very happy and eternal married life.

    One other thing I couldn’t resist to say that, the photography looks so amazing, awesome capture. Thanks for sharing.

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